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Whenever Jesus speaks, we need to pay attention. Make no mistake about it: He does speak. Throughout the scriptures we see examples:  He spoke to the winds and the waves, causing them to cease; He spoke to the blind man, causing him to receive his sight; and He spoke to Lazarus, raising him up from the dead. In Mark 1:22, we find these words:

“The people were amazed at his teaching, for he taught with real authority—quite unlike the teachers of religious law.”

Jesus spoke, by divine ordination from God, as a prophet, not as a scribe. The scribes were the official teachers of the Torah. As a member of the school, the scribe taught what he learned from his Master. Jesus, however, was a lay teacher of religion. He was not educated in the scribal manner, but was inspired by the Divine Spirit and spoke with immediate and personal authority. Mark does not say that He spoke as a prophet, but this was the impression that men gained. Read this chapter when you get a chance. Prayerfully, when we hear the Master speak to us, we will respond. His voice is that of authority.