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As a people of God, we need always to speak the truth. We must speak in love with humility using truthful and lasting words. We cannot deviate from the truth, but always speak the truth in love. I emphasize the word love over judgment, hypocrisy, and self-righteousness. Instead, speak the truth and acknowledge the grace and mercy of God. Whenever you open your mouth, let the words flow with kindness and meekness. Let them flow from your heart with integrity so that others will know that you have been with God and God is with you. Do not water down the truth or add anything to it. Just speak plainly about the love of God. Today’s scripture reference is Psalm 51:7.

 “Purify me from my sins, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.”

In this psalm, the psalmist cries out for mercy and pleads with God to wash him clean from guilt and to purify him from sin. He recognizes his rebellion against God. He does not pretend to be “so holy.” However, he acknowledges his sins and shortcomings and approaches God with honesty. He knows that God requires honesty. The psalmist recognizes that even from the womb, the Lord was granting wisdom to him. How I marvel at this psalm because it speaks so much about truth. The psalmist is transparent and does not try to conceal or hide anything from God. He recognizes that he is a sinner in need of God’s grace. Prayerfully, you will reexamine your life and see for yourself if you are able to speak the truth about your life, to God. What a difference it makes when you are honest to God and allow Him to grant you His grace and mercy.