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As I write these devotions, I often remember of how they speak back to me. I know the Word of God is a two-edged sword and cuts on both sides. This matter of sleeping well is something I can relate to. There are times in which I have difficulty in sleeping– tossing and turning through the night. My mind wonders and I think and dream of so many things that do not always make me feel good inside. Sometimes they cause me to worry. Then, I awaken to realize it was just a dream. I know the importance of sleeping well and having a good night’s sleep while resting in the arms of the Lord. So, this devotion may be something for all of us, particularly for those who have difficulty sleeping. Our scripture reference is Psalm 4:8.

“In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe.”

The psalmist acknowledges the blessings that come when he is able to get a peaceful rest. His peaceful sleep comes from knowing that the Lord will keep him safe. In the previous verse, he indicates how the Lord has given him such great joy. He also says that the joy has been shared bountifully with many others. He is deeply moved by how God has provided for him. He rests throughout the night without worry or doubt. He is safe in the arms of the Lord. He talks to God before he goes to bed, so that he is able to rest throughout the night. I pray that you will follow the example of the psalmist and pray before you go to bed and know that the hand of God is watching over you. When you do that, you can sleep well, knowing God is by your side. So tonight, have a good night’s sleep, a peaceful rest. Sleep well.