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Show yourself Faithful

As I was preparing this devotion, I was challenged with many demands that require me to show compassion and integrity to uphold the values of God’s Word. This matter of integrity can be challenging at times. What does it mean to be faithful to the values and standards God has set before us? Everything is not black and white; there are some gray areas. When those times come, it is good for us to read the Word of God and understand what it says. Reading God’s Word and working on this devotion gave me insight as to how I should respond to my challenging demands. Prayerfully,  the guidance found in this scripture will help all of us when we are faced with how we should show ourselves faithful to God, especially when making difficult decisions. In Psalm 18:25, we find these words:

 “To the faithful you show yourself faithful; to those with integrity you show integrity.”

The psalmist wants us to understand that our relationship with God is reciprocal —meaning that if we show mercy to others, He will show mercy towards us. God has not called us to be successful, but He has called us to be faithful.