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Yesterday’s devotion connects with today’s devotion entitled Set Free To Serve. I would argue strongly that there are those who are bound by their failures and not fully able to serve. They have the fear that others will mock and ridicule them because they know something of their past. But, when God sets you free, you are free, indeed. Old things are passed away all things are new. We have been set free to serve. I have discovered that those who have truly experienced the freedom that God has given to them and have had their sins forgiven serve with zeal. They know that the people to whom much is given much is required. Their testimonies have enrichment. Their service is sincere, serving with a clean heart and a right mind. They are not perfect, and they have been liberated by God’s hand. Our scriptural text is found in John 13:14.

 “And since I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash each other’s feet.”

In this passage, Jesus the Master Teacher has washed His disciples’ feet. It was a service of humility and genuine love. His disciples were also called to wash the feet of one another and to serve. They were set free to serve. Although there was betrayal and denial in the room, Jesus did the work of the servant and washed His disciples’ feet. He freed them by His love for them. He instructed them to do these things and that God would bless them. How many of us would wash another’s feet? Pride and ego would probably get in the way. However, those who are set free by God’s Hand will do the extraordinary and serve in ways that people cannot fully understand. When you have that freedom, you are not afraid of what others think or say about you. Offering yourself as a sacrifice in ways that God will get the glory. Know that God has granted us this freedom to serve Him and to serve His people. What a blessing it is to be liberated and used by God.