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I love to read the psalms. They have many instructions on how to worship God. They are filled with praise and give insight on how to search God. Seeking God’s face is something we all need to do for we need His strength, peace and direction. We need to search for His understanding that we might gain wisdom. We can never stop seeking His presence. As we seek Him, we must also thank Him. Seeking and thanking go together. Let us turn our eyes to Psalm 105:4.

“Search for the Lord and for His strength; continually seek Him.”

The psalmist begins this psalm by giving God praise, “Oh give thanks unto the Lord.” Honor Him! His faith and love of the Lord is in his heart as he seeks the Lord. He seeks because he knows he will find the strength he needs. His affection and love for the Lord is so great that he is ever mindful of the power of God. The psalmist wants the people to remember the wonderful deeds and miracles that the Lord has wrought. He tells the people of Israel to keep God’s statutes and Commandments, for the Lord has been good. They will find the strength they need as they worship Him. May you worship the Lord today, and may you seek His presence in your life. Remember the wonderful things that He has done for you; then give Him praise. Never seek to do anything without seeking God first.