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It is amazing how one word can point out something about us. Our perception of the word “revenge” speaks volumes about how we live our lives. So many people waste much of their lives trying to get even with someone. They cannot enjoy the blessings of life because of their inability to letgo and let God. You can easily identify someone who is vengeful. They have nothing positive to say about a certain person, and they are willing to go to any extreme to get even. I have seen its destruction cause a rift in relationships between family, friends, and church members. One of the main purposes of these devotions is to help us to live lives pleasing unto God, and at times, even to convict us. There is no place in the family of God for revenge. In Romans 12:19, we find these words:

“I will take revenge; I will pay them back,” says the LORD.

Vengeance belongs to God. Paul specifically speaks about the need to leave this in the hands of God, where judgment resides. Paul makes it clear that if we resort to revenge, we are interfering with the power of God. Reverence and humility is ours; we should leave the matter of righting wrongs to God. If we say that we trust God, then we should know that God will uphold justice for the wrongs that have been done to us as well as others. Paul never sought to repay evil with evil. He says, if your enemy is hungry — feed him. If he is thirsty — give him a drink. Evil will not overcome evil. Overcome evil with good. This is the mandate we are given for holy living. Following it will make our lives better. Our trust in God will be strengthened and our walk with Him will be a blessing.