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As I glanced at this devotion title, I immediately thought about a song our choir sings, “Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice I say in the Lord.” I have learned the blessing of being able to rejoice in the Lord. We can rejoice in good times, as well as tough times. We can rejoice when things are well and not so well, because we have the confidence in knowing that we serve a God who has all power in His hands. We are called upon to lift up His High and Holy Name, for He is truly worthy of all praise. Before reading further, take a moment and rejoice in the Lord knowing that He has victorious power. Today’s devotion, inspired by I Chronicles 16:10, speaks of the blessings that come when we rejoice in the Lord

“Exult in His holy name; rejoice, you who worship the LORD.”

David, the servant of the Lord, gives thanks to the Lord. He proclaims the Lord’s greatness and encourages the whole earth to make known what He has done. He has a heart of gratitude and sings praises unto God. He wants everyone to know of the wonderful deeds that God has done and to lift up His holy name. Those who worship the Lord are to rejoice as they worship Him in spirit and truth. In this psalm, David declares the mercy and grace of God. He acknowledges that those who search for the Lord will find Him. He speaks of the many miracles that the Lord has done. As we reflect upon what the Lord has done in our lives, let us rejoice like David. Give Him thanks. Worship Him in the beauty of holiness. Make this a part of your everyday experience. Be blessed as you focus on what the Lord has done, what He is doing, and what He will do.