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For several days, I have been writing about spending quiet time with God because it is most important. On days filled with activities, we sometimes fail to include God, but we need to realize that our time is in His hands. Sometimes as parents, when our children misbehave, we send them into the room and tell them to “take time out” or to “be quiet.” We as God’s children sometimes misbehave and we need to take some time for timeout. When we do all we can to serve God, to please Him, and to worship Him, there still needs to be some time for God to speak to us. We should carve out some time for God every day in our daily schedules. We should give Him at least 15 minutes each day for all that He has given us. The least we can do is give Him a few minutes of our time. I hear people say, “I’m taking time for myself.” What about taking time for God?
In Matthew 14:23, we find these words:

“After sending them home, he went up into the hills by himself to pray. Night fell while he was there alone.”

Jesus, the Master Teacher, after performing miracles that fed the 5000, sent His disciples back into the boat then took some time to be alone to pray. He went to a quiet place up in the hills. This was His quiet time; the time that He would be able to spend talking to the Father. After spending quiet time with God, the disciples are caught in a storm. Jesus says to them, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here.” When we spend quiet time with God, no matter what happens, when we leave from that moment, we have the power to do great and mighty things. Quiet time reassures us that we are not alone. It also gives us the opportunity to recognize the power within us that no matter what troubles and trials we have, we are assured that we will make it.