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I have said before that it is good that we can memorize and quote scripture. Nevertheless, it is entirely different to “live” scripture. I would argue that the more we know the more of it we should live. There are those who may not be able to memorize or quote verses, but they have a way of making it a reality by the way they live. Their lives express love, faithfulness, kindness and gentleness. Our words must be put into action. We must practice what we preach and what we say. People forget what we say but remember what we do. It is one thing to say that you love your enemies, but another thing to love them truly. We have the opportunity to put God’s Word into practice. Our reference is Matthew 7:24.

 “Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock.”

In this deep passage, the Master Teacher speaks of the wise and foolish builders. Jesus, the architect, admonishes them to listen to His words and put into practice what they have heard. They are to build their house upon a rock. When the rains, winds and floods come and beat upon the house, it shall not fall because its foundation is upon the rock. Jesus gives an example of a foolish one who does not hear, and builds his house on sand. The storm will cause the house to fall because of its foundation. Those who do not put the Word into practice will fall when the troubles of life come, and those who put His Word into practice when troubles come shall stand because they depend on God’s Word. Be like the wise builder. Put the Word into practice.