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Today’s devotion is entitled, Pray at All Times. At times, we pray and praise the Lord for all He has done and is doing. On the other hand, there are other times when we find it difficult to pray in the midst of trouble. Our hearts may be heavy and our burdens many and we are hardly able to find the time to talk to God. That may seem strange to some, but it is true. When life’s problems overwhelm us, we can only say, “Lord have mercy.” We need to develop an attitude of prayer and praise. We need to pray in season and out of season. In other words, we need to discipline ourselves to pray. The Bible calls upon us to pray at all times. The scripture lesson for this devotion is found in Psalm 143:8.

“Let me hear of Your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting You. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to You.”

The psalmist cries out to the Lord in the midst of his trials and tribulations. He pleads to the Lord not to turn a deaf ear toward him, wanting the Lord to show him where to walk. He needs the Lord to rescue him from his enemies and he prays to do the will of the Lord. As he shares his journey through this chapter, we see his ups and downs. Nevertheless, he does not conclude this chapter without acknowledging the joy that comes to those who put their trust in God. He is a prayerful man, and he knows the power of prayer. Therefore, he prays throughout his entire journey. Like the psalmist, may we find ourselves praying, trusting the Lord at all times, and putting our faith in Him. Know full well that the Lord hears and answers our prayers.