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Our worship for the Lord must be real and sincere. We cannot worship God unless our
hearts and minds are in the right place. We cannot play with God and then expect Him
to bless us. We must worship God in Spirit and in truth. As I write this devotion, I am
mindful of the words I heard some time ago when someone told our youth not to play
with God. But these words of wisdom are not just for the youth but for all of us. We
cannot play in worship; it must be sincere and sure that your worship is sincere.
In John 4:24, we find these words:
“For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.”
Jesus, the Master Teacher, met a woman who came to draw water from the well. Jesus has a conversation with her, saying that if she drinks from this well she will be thirsty again. But a drink of the living water will cause her to never be thirsty again. He also spoke to her about the circumstances in her life, and ultimately spoke to her about true worship. When you get a chance read this familiar story. May all our
worship be real. We have so many reasons to worship Him!