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Our Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

As pastor I want to provide a weekly update regarding our response to the Coronavirus.  Our worship services for Sundays, March 22 and March 29 will not be held in the sanctuary.  Accordingly, our 9:00 am worship services will be livestreamed. Our mid-week Bible Study and Lenten Ecumenical Services have been cancelled.

The Church Office will be open, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.  The Food Pantry will remain open on Wednesdays and Fridays. Deaconess Michelle Bradley and the Pantry Angels will prepackage the food, and those coming to the pantry will be assisted, curbside.  We are taking every precaution, and are mindful, of the well-being of all of God’s people. I am constantly working with our Leadership Team and our Advisory Council as we seek to continue to Love God and Serve People. 

We are updating our website daily and using technology to communicate with all of our members, as well as members of the community. As we are communicating via social media, voice messaging, email and text, please ensure your contact information (phone and email) is updated in the church management system. (Text the keyword UPDATE to 215-440-6887 to update your cell phone # and email, if needed.) Prior to scheduling any ministry events or planning for an event, please contact Brenda Benson in the Church Office, in order that we might continue to work together as a body of Christ.

We encourage families to take this time to strengthen their relationships and to be concerned about the many families in need.  Please join us on our Early Morning Prayer Service every day 6:00-7:00 am.

We are still monitoring how we will do Homegoing Services; each funeral will be looked at individually. After this Monday, there will be no repast until further notice, and funerals will be limited to immediate families only, thus once again looking out for the well-being of those who serve so faithfully.

Gifted to Serve will take place this Saturday and the food will be prepared for take out for the persons being served at Chosen 300. 

Please know that the work of the Kingdom continues. Consequently, it is important that we honor God with our gifts, tithes and offerings. Regular giving may be done online, or you may place your tithes in the mail or drop it off at the church during the hours the church is open.

We know this crisis will also cause many people to need assistance from Benevolence as well as our Interfaith families and all the things that are done to the glory of God.  We believe strongly that if we hold to God’s victorious hand, He will strengthen us each and every day.  Please know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this too shall pass, and we look forward to coming back into the house of God giving Him glory, honor and praise.  As your pastor, thank you for your prayers and concern during this difficult time.  My love for God and this church cannot be put into words.  We stand together united as a body of Christ. I will keep you informed and know that there is power in prayer.


Charles W. Quann, Pastor

Sean M. Tripline, Youth Pastor