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We only have one life to live, and we need to live it in a way that pleases God. I have heard people say that their sinful ways are not hurting anyone else, but that is far from the truth. The life we live is a gift from God. When we do not live it according to His will, we offend the giver of the gift. We need to live our life in a way that glorifies God and edifies the people of God. In Deuteronomy 32:47, we find these words:

“These instructions are not empty words—they are your life! By obeying them you will enjoy a long life in the land you will occupy when you cross the Jordan River.”

In verse 46, Moses spoke to the Israelites, saying, “Take to heart all the words of warning I have given you today. Pass them on as a command to your children so they will obey every word of these instructions.” When your relationship with God is right, your life will be right. God has blessings for you when your house is in order. Read this story of how Moses challenges the people to receive the blessings that God had prepared for them. Moses’ death was nearing, yet his heart was still with the people of God. May we learn to use every day that God has given to us to please Him so that we can say, “We did it God’s way.” Life is a gift from God; therefore we must commit to use it for Him.