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Several months ago when I was home due to the pandemic, I watched The War Room with my wife. It was a powerful movie. When the marriage and life of a wife was falling down, she was advised to turn her closet into a prayer room. She took all her clothes out of the closet and created a hiding place where she talked to God. God spoke to her, and her life and marriage were turned around. We all need a hiding place, a secret room to talk to God. I remember the song, “Come on in my room.” Thanks be unto God that we, who have discovered the power of prayer, have developed a hiding place to talk to God for ourselves. The scripture reference today is Psalm 32:7.

 “For you are my hiding place; You protect me from trouble. You surround me with songs of victory.”

The psalmist declares the power of God. He has discovered the beauty of a hiding place to spend time with God. He knows that in this place, the Lord will keep him from trouble and deliver him. Throughout this psalm, the psalmist confesses his sin and needs. He is aware of the power of God. The psalmist declares that there was a time in his life when he had been foolish, stubborn and had not admitted his sin. God has healed his body and he is grateful for times of confession. Read this entire psalm, if you will. It speaks to all our hearts, as we acknowledge that we have committed sin and have found ourselves deep in trouble. We recognize that God alone is our hiding place. He is a shelter in the time of storm. Thanks be unto God that, as we rest in His promise, we will come forth as pure gold.