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As we observe Father’s Day, we thank God for fathers who have loved us, sacrificed for us and blessed us. We honor God today for them. Some have gone home to glory. However, we acknowledge them for all they have done of us. Unfortunately, countless children have never experienced the love of a father. They are without the tenderness and care of a dad. So, today will be just another day for them. I pray that whether you have been blessed with a loving father or perhaps never experienced that kind of love, you know that you have a Heavenly Father who loves and cares for us. None of us can say that we do not have a father: maybe not an earthly father: but a heavenly one. I am one who has not experienced the love an earthy father, but I have been blessed with God’s power. I thank God for the many men who have been like a father to me. I thank God for Rev. Albert Franklin Campbell, John White Sr. and others who have blessed me. Most of all I thank God for my Heavenly Father who has never left me alone. I know I am not alone for all of us who have accepted the Lord as a Heavenly Father have been blessed immensely. Psalm 89:26 reads:

“And he will call out to Me, ‘You are my Father, my God, and the Rock of my salvation.’”

In this moving passage, the psalmist declares that God is his rock and salvation. Throughout this psalm, he writes that God’s faithfulness and mercy shall be with him. This relationship with God was with His servant David, is one in which David will be blessed. The enemy shall not come against him and destroy him. God the Father will protect Him. Throughout this psalm, the psalmist declares the goodness of the Lord. Our Heavenly Father watches over us. We are never alone. His love for us is never ending, so today thank God for our Heavenly Father. Be like the psalmist and declare His goodness, love and mercy. Have a wonderful Father’s Day by acknowledging the Father of us all.