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Our faith can develop and grow. Thank God for His Word! We must be doers of the Word as well as listeners, allowing our faith to grow and blossom. It’s a growth process – the more we study God’s Word, the more we will be able to grow in our faith. But reading God’s Word is important. Finding time each day to study God’s Word will help our faith to increase. Faith without works is dead. We need faith so that
when life’s troubles come our way, we can remain strong in the Lord. In Romans 10:17, we find these words:

“So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.”

The writer of these words indicates that faith comes from hearing. Although there were masses of people who heard the message about Jesus, many of them did not apply the lessons to their lives. Some had no regard for the Word, continuing with life in the same manner as if they had never heard anything, while
others struggled with temptations while trying to live a better, more Godly life. When you get a chance read this entire chapter. Continue to read God’s Word daily, and prayerfully you will discover, as I have, that your faith has grown tremendously!