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Sometimes our eyes are closed when they should be open. We cannot see the things around us. Every day, God is blessing us. At times, our eyes and our hearts are closed. We fail to see God’s beauty and miss the blessings that God has poured out to us. Our eyes need to be open so that we can see Him. The many distractions and blind spots in this world remind us to be careful not to miss what God is doing. Each day, God shows forth His handiwork. Each day He is doing something for us. The question is, Can you see it? Once you see it, what is your response? Psalm 119:18 is our reference today.

“Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions.”

I have used this psalm on many occasions. Today’s verse gives us insight into the need for opening our eyes. The psalmist cries out for open eyes to see the wonderful things of the Lord’s commandments. He has a humble heart and wants to gain knowledge and understanding. He is conscious of His surroundings that temptation is all around. The psalmist knows the pitfalls and troubles that await him. Yet, he seeks God’s presence for an enriched life. He praises God with his whole heart and does not want to wander from His commandments. He wants the Lord to reveal His truth, love and power. May we all seek to open ours eyes and seek the glory of the Lord and behold His presence.