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Sometimes we cannot see because our eyes are shut. We need to open our eyes to see the power of God at work. God’s power is all around us; we just have to receive it. He woke us up this morning, gave us a brand-new day, put food on our table, and gave us a reasonable portion of health and strength. Can’t you see what makes it so that you can see goodness in life every day? We get new mercies; can’t you see it every day? He is making ways out of no way; can’t you see it every day? He is healing the sick; can’t you see it every day? He is coming to our rescue; can’t you feel it? Why do we walk around with gloom and doom? Open your eyes and see God at work. See it in the changing of the seasons. See as He brings the sun and the stars. Do not let a day go by where you miss the glory of the Lord. In this moving, compelling passage of scripture, found in Psalm 119:18, the psalmist says:

“Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions.”

Here, the psalmist cries out to the Lord. He desires for the Lord to bless him to be able to follow Him even more because he wants to be a good servant to the Lord. In order for that to happen, his eyes must be opened to instructions. When you get a chance, read this entire Psalm. Prayerfully, it will open your eyes and you will be able to see the importance of following the Lord.