Ogada Children’s Home Quarantined during COVID-19

Since the third week of the March, when the children arrived abruptly from their various learning institutions, we have since come up with ways to keep the children busy, given that the normal calendar has been interrupted. This has given us an opportunity to bond more with children and also have a good time to teach them new skills, some of which pertain to each staff’s work around the home.

Learning New Skills

Among the many things that we do, the children had the opportunity to be taught how clothes are made on a sewing machine. The children were shown how to prepare material for making a school shirt. Judith, one of the staff members concerned with this, in the pictures below, is having a session with the girls. She demonstrates how the material is folded and how to use a tape measure before it is cut. After explaining she gives the girls a chance to try it out as she gives direction. She also demonstrates how a child can work on the buttonhole and how to fix a button in case one of the buttons falls off and needs to be replaced.

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The Sunday Services are held within the Children’s home campus, with the children and staff alone for safety measures on both parties. The staff members come together each week to practice the songs that they plan to sing during the Sunday service. A significant Sunday was when we planned to have  Holy Communion on Easter Sunday. A Reverend, who resides near the campus, was asked to officiate this ceremony and the staff rehearsed songs for the Service. The officiating minister blessed the Lord’s Table before the staff served it.

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We thought of teaching the children about the changes in their bodies as they grow up. Especially so that they do not get scared in case they notice things happening to them in future. To prepare them for this, we had one staff discuss this, and we grouped the boys and girls separately. After this the children were also taught how to differentiate between a good touch from a bad touch of their bodies by someone. The girls were also taught how they can defend themselves in case they might be attacked by someone with a bad motive. They were shown how to fight back, or how to ask for help. They discussed avoiding walking alone, or if they must, then using open roads and foot paths and avoiding isolated places which makes them easy prey for someone to take advantage of them.

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We have maintained the time for private studies for the children, which normally takes one and a half hours daily. During the day, the teacher groups each class and assist them on their work. On designated days, this is also a time that each child can have one on one time with the teacher where they are tutored on subjects that they feel challenged on.

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The children had a time to be taught how to make Chapati [unleavened shortbread]. They were taken through the process of assembling the ingredients, mixing the dough, and preparing it until it is ready. They then had the chance to eat the chapatis they cooked.

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The children born between the months of January 1st through to the month of April the 31st had the opportunity to celebrate their birthday with a party. They all cut the cake and ate snacks together. Emily, the manager, prayed for God’s blessings upon each of the children and gave a short speech during the ceremony.

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