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Nothing Is Impossible with God

With God all things are possible, for God can do all things and He does all things well.  The knowledge that our God has the power to work things out in our life gives us reason to rejoice. There may be times in our lives when our backs are against the wall and we feel as though we are defeated.  That’s when we should always remember that God is standing by to provide   the help we need.  Let me also add, He can do anything but fail.  If you are going through something today just remember that with God nothing is impossible. In Luke 1:37, we find these words:

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.”

These are mind-boggling words from Luke’s Gospel that shed light on the Virgin Birth.  This is a familiar story that most of us have heard many times before.  An angel visited Mary and he told her that she
would have a child.  Mary’s response was that of bewilderment, and she replied that she had no husband.  The angel told her that the child would be called Holy: the Son of God, and that this supernatural event would take place in Mary’s womb.  What a wonderful God we serve — He uses humans to be a part of His divine work! We were blessed on many occasions by Mother Olivia during our morning prayer service as she lifted her voice in singing, “There isno secret What God can do.”  Always remember, nothing is impossible with God.