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On this New Year’s Eve, we have a story to tell and a God to glorify. God has been good to us and allowed us to see the dawning of a new year. We cannot put into words what this year has caused our hearts and hands to behold. So many things have occurred that are too numerous to include in this devotion. However, throughout it all, God has blessed us, and for that, we give Him praise. This is a time to lift up the name of the Lord. When you are asked, “What are you doing New Year’s Eve?” you can simply say that you are praising the Lord for how He has blessed and kept you these last 365 days. Whatever you do this New Year’s Eve, take the time to sing a song of praise unto the Lord. Let your heart sing with a melody of the blessings to God. Psalm 98:1 is our scripture lesson this last day of 2021:

“Sing a new song to the Lord, for He has done wonderful deeds. His right hand has won a mighty victory; His holy arm has shown His saving power!”

The psalmist begins by lifting up the name of the Lord in song. He encourages them to sing a new song because the Lord has done wonderful things by His righteous and powerful right hand. God has shown His grace and mercy. He remembers His promise to His people. The psalmist writes, “Shout to the Lord. Sing praises with the harp. With trumpets make a joyful symphony in the presence of the Lord.” I remember Maria Simons who would simply say, “There is a party over here and a party over there praising God.” She was referring to God’s people praising Him. I pray that in your home this New Year’s Eve, you are singing God’s praises. As I sing God’s praises, I share these words, Happy New Year, have a happy New Year and praise the Lord in song.”