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It is New Year’s Eve.  Praise God! This has been an unbelievable year. The Coronavirus has taken many lives. The stress and strain of this illness, the outcry for social justice, killing and brutality has affected our lives in many ways. We look forward to a brand, New Year. We thank God that we have made it this far and we are looking to God in this new year   We pray that as we approach 2021 that it will be a year of healing, recovering and social justice for all people. A year by which we will experience the blessings that only God can give. We approach this year with great hope and anticipation knowing that God is on the Throne. We simply say, “WOW. Wonderful Opportunities Waiting.” Psalm 67:4 is our New Year’s Eve text.

 “Let the whole world sing for joy, because you govern the nations with justice  and guide the people of the whole world.”

The psalmist declares justice for all. God’s mighty hand will guide the people. The psalmist calls upon all the nations to be glad and sing for joy. God will judge the people and govern the earth. His saving power will heal the land. He calls upon the people to praise God. The psalmist declares the earth shall yield His increase and God will bless us. Israel shall rejoice again for the Lord’s power will prevail. God will judge the people with inequity. Oh, my brothers and sisters, great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. Know that God reigns over this earth. In God’s own time, He will rescue us. Twenty-twenty is a year of rescuing and saving us. Let us look to God in the New Year and know that help is on the way. Let us not go into the New Year with fear and doubt, but with strong faith and confidence that our God, who is strong and mighty is on the Throne. Happy New Year!