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I have said on more than one occasion, there is nothing like getting up early in the morning and meeting God for yourself. Begin the day by worshiping and thanking Him. There is no better way to  begin the day. Yes, it is good to have a nice cup of coffee, go to the gym, or the job. That is good. But, before you do that, spend some quiet time with God. Meet Him early in the morning, thank Him for last night’s rest and an early morning rising. Ask Him to give you strength for today’s challenges. Do not leave home without Him. Whatever you do, put God first. The time with God does not have to be long but requires sincerity. You do not need a public gathering: just you and God. Whatever the day holds, you can make it because you have already conversed with God. Meeting God is referenced in Psalm 5:3:

“Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.”

The writer is ready to hear and makes ready for God. He is thinking of the preparation and sacrifices for the day. He prioritizes prayer. He prepares by talking to God. He knows that whatever the day holds, God’s strength will bless him. Read this chapter and on tomorrow morning begin to talk to God in the morning. Let that be the start of each day. Your day will be better and God will get the glory out of your life.