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As we continue to grow in Christ to seek a deeper understanding of His ways, we are called to meditate on His wondrous deeds. His ways are not our ways. Consequently, we always need to seek wisdom to gain understanding. God is so wonderful, and He performs many wonderful deeds. Take the time today to reflect upon God’s wondrous deeds in your life. No words describe His greatness and the marvelous things He has done for His people. As we reflect upon them, we are moved to praise Him. Be still and know that He is God. It is incredible when we look back over our lives and see the blessings that God has showered us with. Psalm 119:27 focuses on meditating on God’s wonders.

“Help me understand the meaning of your commandments, and I will meditate on Your wonderful deeds.”

The psalmist cries out to the Lord. He has a deep yearning to understand the Lord’s precepts and wants the Lord to teach him and show him as he continues to meditate on the Lord’s wonderful deeds. The psalmist has a deep reverence for the Lord and is eager to know more of Him. His heart overflows with gratitude and his desire is to live an honorable life. His reverence and fear of the Lord humbles him so that he might walk in His way. I pray that as we meditate on His wondrous deeds, we will continue to seek to live and serve Him with heart, soul and mind. Seek more of His Word so that our lives might be enriched, and that we can carry out His commandments.