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Many of us, including me, are not able to make the adjustments that are sometimes required in life. We have become comfortable and set in our ways. But I believe that we can make adjustments without compromising our faith or integrity. We just need to be willing to be open to receiving what God has for us. Someone once said that you can never receive anything with a closed fist. The same could be said about a closed heart or mind. Our hearts and minds must always be open so that we are flexible and open to the possibilities that God has for us. Change is not always bad; it often brings about new blessings and opportunities. In Jeremiah 4:1, we read these words:

“O Israel,” says the Lord,“if you wanted to return to me, you could. You could throw away your detestable idols and stray away no more.”

Jeremiah spoke to the people about returning to God. They needed to adjust their hearts because they had not been honoring God with the way they were living. He wanted them to have remorse and to repent for serving pagan gods. He wanted them to return to the one true God. We all need to make adjustments in our lives, for there may be things that we do that do not please God. We cannot simply say, “That’s the way I am,” for God wants us to have a clean heart and a right mind. We cannot live with ill will and malice in our hearts. I pray that we will all repent and make the necessary adjustments in our lives that will allow us to have a closer, more intimate relationship with Him.