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It is very important that we be on the right side with the Lord. Far too often, we spend much of our lives on the wrong side. Consequently, life has little or no meaning. It is important to ensure that we are not on the wrong side. Today’s devotion speaks clearly about following the Lord and making sure that we are on the right side. Our scripture reference is found in John 21:6:

 “He said, ‘Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.’ When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish.

In this familiar story, we see Simon Peter who had been fishing all night. The Word said that they had caught nothing. In the morning, Jesus was standing on the shore unrecognized by the disciples. The Lord asked if they had caught any fish and they replied no. The Master Teacher instructed them to cast their net on the right side of the ship. When they obeyed, they were blessed to receive countless fish. They spent all night on the wrong side, finding nothing. There is a lot to this story. They were frustrated and disappointed that they had nothing to show for their long night. That is what happens when we are on the wrong side. We have nothing to show for our life. However, when you are on the right side with the Lord, your life has meaning and purpose. Prayerfully, you are on the right side. If by chance you are on the wrong side, you have time to move. Let this day be the day you move to the right side. Prayerfully you can recognize the Master who is waiting for you.

John 21:6 (NIV)