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The mission of Bethlehem is, Love God, Serve People. You cannot love God without loving His people. Nor can you serve God and not serve people. When we truly love God, we will find ourselves serving His people of all walks of life, even those who do not know or acknowledge Him or people whose faith or color is different from ours. God loves everyone and calls us to love and serve everyone. To love and serve without expectation in a way that God gets the glory. We cannot do it in the flesh. It is through God’s Spirit, who gives us power to love completely and sacrificially serve others. Today’s scripture lesson is Galatians 6:10.

“Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone—especially to those in the family of faith.”

In this passage, Paul, the humble servant of the Lord writes concerning the fellowship of God’s people. He urges the Galatians to do good to all men, especially those in the household of faith. Paul had personal experience in serving the Lord. He was highly educated and concerned about the fellowship of all people. He did not want anyone to be excluded. Paul’s motive was to do good to people and to win them to Christ. He had a deep love for God and for people. He knew the importance of genuine love and the value of true fellowship. He knew the church as a family of faith and as a place for love to begin and be perfected. He also knew that love needed to spread abroad to the people of faith. This was his mission. He wanted the love of Christ to be seen in them and how they served others. May our love for God be seen as we serve God’s people.