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As this year winds down, I cannot count the times when I have longed for God. I know I am not alone for this year has been challenging in many ways. Wondering if this Coronavirus will ever end, the killing of so many African American men and women, Police brutality, racism, sexism, classism that have plagued our hearts. Many of us have lost loved ones, as well as having countless family members who have become sick and our inability to visit them at times. We have cried out, “God, where are you? We need you. Our desire is to be ever so close to you.” Someone said if we ever needed the Lord, we sure do need Him now. We are not alone in longing for God. Psalm 42:1 shares the psalmist’s desire and longing for the Lord.

 “As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God.”

In this deep passage, the psalmist longs for God. He expresses his thirst for God. He feels lonely and his heart is heavy. His soul thirsts for God. His tears flow day and night. He cries out for the Living God in the midst of sickness and pain. The psalmist needs renewal. His adversaries taunt him, and he feels cast down. Yet, he still has hope in God. He indicates he shall praise him. Give God praise today. Yes, we have been through hard times this year. Nevertheless, God has still blessed us. We yearn for Him more than before. We know that there is hope and help in Him. There is power in Him. There is strength in Him. There is peace and joy in Him. May we be renewed today, assured that as we yearn for Him; He is there to comfort us.