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I have this small frame in my office that I read constantly, “Righteousness guards the man with integrity, but wickedness overthrows the sinner,” from Proverbs 13:6. Living with integrity is crucial to our relationship with God. I would argue strongly that it is hard to find people with integrity in the world. Even during the Coronavirus season, we see many scams where people are taking advantage of other people. We see it every day in every facet of life. The church ought to be a place where people live with integrity. When others see us, they do not see us as perfect, but having humility, sincerity and integrity. The scripture reference is found in Psalm 41:12.

 “You have preserved my life because I am innocent: you have brought me into Your presence forever.”

The King James Version reads “And as for me, thou upholdest me in mine integrity, and settest me before thy face forever.” In this passage, the psalmist is aware of God’s presence. He has sought to live a life pleasing unto God, recognizing how God blesses those who walk with integrity. He was surrounded by the enemy, but did not allow the enemy to take him out of God’s will.  He is transparent in his prayer to God, seeking to be upright, faithful and true. God has given him favor because of his faithful living. God gives favor to those who are true to Him. May we all live in a way that God will bless us, because we have sought to live with integrity.