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God has called us to live together in harmony with one another. I would argue strongly that this is far from what we see happening today in our world. There is so much confusion, so much hate, it seems as though the word of God has been ignored altogether. There are divisions, even in the body of Christ. It is tragic that we cannot live together as a people of God. Every day, we see and hear the racism in our country. We are a divided nation and God is calling us to come together and live together, across racial lines, political lines, and religious lines. When we read the book of Romans, we find these words in 15:7:

“Therefore, accept each other just as Christ accepted you so that God will be given glory.”

Here, in this passage, the writer indicates the need to live together in mutual acceptance. He makes a plea to his people to govern themselves in a godly manner. He calls on them to accept each other, just as Christ accepted us. This is not an option; it is a mandate that we are our brothers and sisters’ keepers. We will live together in unity, only by the power of God, so let us strive to live together, giving God glory.