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There are two ways to live: God’s way and Satan’s way. We must choose the way that we will live. God’s way is the best way to live. His way will lead to a fruitful and meaningful life. I would argue that His way is the only way to live. It is tragic that so many have chosen to live in the opposite way of God. They only find themselves living a life that brings death and destruction, pain and grief. Not only to themselves but also to others. They do not honor God and they find themselves in a place that is dangerous. I know that when I sought to live apart from God early in my life, my life was in ruins. However, thanks be unto God that I have personally come to know Him. God’s way has brought me much joy and peace. Psalm 128:1 is our scriptural reference for today’s devotion.

“How joyful are those who fear the Lord—all who follow his ways!”

The psalmist in this brief psalm speaks of the joy that comes in living for the Lord. He shares that God’s way causes one to enjoy the fruit of their labor. He speaks of how the Lord’s blessings fall upon families. The psalmist writes that their children will be blessed, and God’s way leads to a prosperous life. He speaks from his heart for he is aware of the bountiful blessings that come when one yields their life to God. In these six verses, he expresses his gratitude for God’s rich and generous blessings and knows from his heart that God’s way is the only way.