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Sometimes we rest on the fact that we have developed faith. If we have faith the
size of a mustard seed we can move mountains. On the other hand, our faith should
grow as we follow the Lord. In our initial walk with God, our faith may have been
small, but, during our journey with Him, our faith should increase. Please do not
misunderstand what I am saying. There will be heavy burdens that we will have to
face, such as terminal the terminal illness of a close friend or family member. Your
faith must be able to stand strong during these times. Hopefully, during your walk,
your faith has grown and you will be able to stand stronger now than you did before.
In Matthew 8:6, the Master speaks of those with little faith:

“And saying, Lord, my servant lieth at home sick of the palsy, grievously

The previous verse shows Jesus speaking to the disciples traveling with Him. The
disciples are in a great storm and they are terrified. They wake Jesus, saying, “Lord
we are perishing.” Jesus says unto them, “Oh ye of little faith” then He arose and
spoke to the wind and calmed the sea. One can assume that because they were with
the Master, they should not have been afraid, but should have had faith that the
Master would calm the sea. It is my prayer today, that
your faith is growing and you are able to endure more
now than in your earlier Christian walk. Hopefully,
you know for yourself that nothing is impossible with
God. Ask God to continue increasing your faith.