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Listen to Advice

I’m so grateful for the people in my life who have given me sound advice. They have helped me when I did not know which way to turn.  I think of Pastor Albert Franklin Campbell — my pastor, mentor, and spiritual father. The advice he has given to me as his son in the ministry has proven to be helpful and encouraging, not only in terms of my ministry, but in every area of my life. He was not the first; my grandmother also gave me advice as a young man. Unfortunately, I was not always attentive, and it proved to be to my detriment. As I look back over those years, I thank God for her wisdom, strength, love, and the words she spoke to me, even when I did not want to listen to her advice. In Proverbs 19:20, we find these words:

 “Get all the advice and instruction you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life.”

To listen to advice, we must have a spirit of humility. We cannot be proud or arrogant or think we know it all. We must be willing to not only listen, but have a heart that is receptive to the instructions that are being given. Prayerfully, we will all be wise and heed the advice that is given to us because it could be the words that we need to lead us to have a victorious life in Christ.