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On February 16th, my heart was filled with grief as I read the accounts of a tragic accident.  According to the newspaper reports, a school bus was involved in an accident with a truck in New Jersey.  There were a number of children on the bus who sustained injuries and one child died.  I cannot imagine the pain and grief of those parents. All I could do was to join with others in lifting my heart to the Lord, for He and He alone is whom we call on in times of great despair.  The following morning we prayed for those families on the prayer line with the confidence that as we looked to the Lord He would bring forth comfort.  The psalmist knowing the power of God wrote these words in Psalm 123:1:

 “I lift my eyes to you, O God, enthroned in heaven.”

The prayer here is not to focus on what they needed but to obtain the favor of God’s help.  They are to look to the Lord for His mercy.  The psalmist does not pray to be vindictive or to seek any kind of punishment although his enemies haunted him.  He knows God’s faithfulness and His forgiveness.  Although the prayer of the psalmist in this case is different from the prayers we offered for the children on the bus, they both have a cry for the Lord’s mercy.  They both lift their eyes to the Lord.  Whatever situation you find yourself in just turn your eyes toward God and surely, He will grant you His favor.

Psalm 123:1(NLT)