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Life and Light

The Alan Segal Quartet is a wonderful group of musicians that comes to Bethlehem quarterly to share their musical gifts in a relaxing evening of music and fellowship during our Jazz & Joe Night. I believe that the soul can be enriched by a diversity of music. Moreover, the proceeds from the evening support the children in our Ogada Children’s Home in Kenya. We are blessed to have more than 120 children, each supported by a $40 monthly contribution by individual church members. Because the monthly contributions do not cover all expenses, the Jazz & Joe Night helps a great deal in meeting the children’s daily needs. One night, they closed the evening by playing” Meet Me at Dukes Place.”  Because of that song, I was led to write this devotion about life and light. I changed the words to “Meet Me at God’s Place” because it’s at God’s Place where we find life and light. In John 1:4, we find these words:

“The Word gave life to everything that was created,and His life brought light to everyone.”

Throughout this chapter Jesus is referred to as light and life. Prayerfully, we all know by now that He is not only life and light, but also joy and peace. We can see Him at work in all things, the same way that I saw Him that evening as people came to extend support to our children in Africa. Sometimes we can’t see the light because of the obstacles in our way. Nevertheless, God gives us light to see, and life so that we might have it more abundantly. Prayerfully, we are all walking in the light today.