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Today’s devotion is part 2 continuing from yesterday. I love the song “Let your light praise God.” Not just in words, but in deeds. In other word, praise God in all we do. Whatever good we do, do it for the glory of God. We are compelled to do good works, but remember our works do not save us. Our works really express our deep and genuine love for God, and we do them to glorify God. Today’s devotion scripture reference is Matthew 5:14 and reads:

 “You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”

In this moving passage, we are called the Light of the world. Our lights must shine so that others will see our good works and give God glory. Jesus speaks about the importance of our lights shining brightly. The verses in this chapter speak of the ways we are to live. We are also called the salt of the earth. All that we do ought to honor God. Light, like salt, must be useful. Our lights can never go out. In addition, if the salt has lost its savor it has no purpose. May we be both light and salt and may our good works give God praise.