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It is one thing to know the Word, and it is entirely different to live the Word. The Word of God needs to be deep within us. We are to be doers as well as hearers of the Word. The Word gives us strength and directs our path. We can never go wrong following God’s Word. How we treat people, respond to our enemies and handle life’s problems should align with the Word of God. The Word will correct us. It is like a two-edged sword for it cuts us and convicts us. Psalm 119:30 speaks of the need to have the Word to dwell within us and reads in this manner:

 “I have chosen the way of truth: thy judgments have I laid before me.”

The psalmist appeals to the Lord to have a deeper understanding of the Lord’s precepts and examples. He wants God to remove him from those things that prevent him from being steeped in the Word. He has made a conscious decision to follow the way of the Truth. The psalmist has put the Lord’s ordinances before him and meditates upon the Word day and night. His heart is open, and he wants the Lord to bless and strengthen him. He wants the Word to dwell deep within his heart. Throughout this psalm, the psalmist cries out to the Lord. He wants to live by God’s Word. Prayerfully, today, you want to live by the Word of God. Open your heart that the Lord might dwell in you in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Psalm 119:30 (KJV)