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We need to be open to allow the Spirit of the Lord to flow through our lives. His Spirit gives us power to serve and to endure life’s challenges. His Spirit also allows us to maintain discipline and self-control. We are able to love unconditionally because of the power of His Spirit that runs through our lives. The scripture reference is Titus 2:1. The New Living Translation reads in this manner:

 “As for you, Titus, promote the kind of living that reflects wholesome teaching.”

In this deep and profound passage, Paul writes to Titus to teach right living. They are to live a life that is worthy of the love of God. Their faith must be sound, and their love must be sincere. As the Spirit flows through their lives, they will be filled with patience and wisdom. Thank God today for His Spirit that flows through our lives. It is a blessing to be filled with the power and presence of the Lord.