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On Friday, the devotion was entitled Be Honest with God. Today, the devotion is entitled Let God Know Your True Feelings. We may not be able to tell family members and friends our true feelings, but we can tell God. We do not even have to tell Him for He knows our thoughts. Consequently, we must be open and honest with Him. Do not be in denial but come forth with honesty and integrity. Let God know how you really feel. What are you feeling today? Are you feeling anxious? Are you feeling sad? Are you feeling lonely? Are you feeling happy? Whatever your feelings, let the Lord know about them. He cares. The scripture reference for today is Proverbs 27:5 and reads in this manner.

               “An open rebuke is better than hidden love!”

When we tell the Lord exactly what we are feeling, He may rebuke us for He knows our feelings may not align with His will and way. Yet, no matter what we feel, the Lord wants to know. In this verse, the writer of this wisdom literature expresses deep and profound words. “Open rebuke is better than hidden love!” That is to say that at times, we need correction and discipline. God does not hide His love for us. He loves us in spite of us. Because He knows all about us, why not tell Him everything that is in our hearts and minds. Nothing we can say or do will stop God from loving us. His love for us is unconditional. All we can say is, Wow! No one, but no one, can love us like the Lord. I am aware that there are those who say they love me, however, if they knew all my thoughts or actions, their love would cease. They may eventually find out and their love for me will end. But praise God today that His love for us never ends.