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As I was writing this devotion, I immediately thought about the difference between others knowing God and knowing God for ourselves. It is wonderful and a blessing to know that family members know God, but there is nothing like knowing God for yourself. There are those who know about God, but do not really know Him. Many know of His power, grace, and love, but they still do not know Him for themselves. We ought to be able to say that we know, for sure, that God has given us the opportunity to know Him for ourselves. When you know Him, you are assured that He knows you. He even knows the hairs on your head. He knows when you are right or wrong, and His love is there just the same. When you love Him you know that, and you know how to reach Him through the power of prayer.
Today’s scripture, in John 17:3, centers on knowing Him:

“And this is the way to have eternal life—to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, the one you sent to earth.”

Underline these words for they are rich and full. Christ appears to the righteous of God, saying that the hour has come. He does not desire to be spared this hour; He prays that He might give eternal life to all who have believed in Him. Christ has been given the power over the flesh that the people might give God glory, and that the Son might glorify the Father, the One True God. The glorification of the Father consists of giving us eternal life. Can you pray today to a Holy Father? Do you know that you have been given eternal life? When you know God, do you know that nothing can separate you from Him? Knowing Christ, you can live a victorious life and no weapon formed against you can prosper. I pray that you know Him today.