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I would argue strongly that we do not hear enough about the Lord’s Commandments today. It seems as though we are content to do things our own way. The song that rings in my mind today is I Did It My Way. Our way is not always the best way. God has given us commandments to follow so that we might walk in His way and follow His path for our daily living, love the Lord, love our neighbor and obey God’s commandments. We cannot argue or take the position that the commandments in the Old Testament do not mean as much today. For all scripture is given by God as instruction. The Commandments are not exceptions. In fact, today’s devotion comes from the New Testament and is found in John 14:15.

“If you love Me, obey my commandments.”

In this text, the Lord speaks directly about the need to obey Him and to keep His commandments. As a result, He will give to you the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, who will lead you to all truth. Jesus, the Master Teacher, promises to send us the Holy Spirit. He indicates that those who accept and obey His commands are those who love Him. Because we love Him, the Father will love us. Therefore, if we say we love the Lord, we must follow His commandments and cannot plead ignorance. He has given us the power to carry out His commands. Prayerfully, you will strive today and every day to keep His commandments.