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God has called us to seek justice. This is our responsibility as well as a mandate from God. He gave us instructions on how we are to seek justice in the world. We have a Social Justice Ministry here at Bethlehem led by Deacon Dean Parker, one of our faithful deacons. This ministry has truly been a blessing. As a predominately AfricanAmerican church, we are seeking to become a multicultural church where we embrace inclusion and diversity. I believe that the church is at the forefront in seeking justice
because we cannot depend on the government. The body of Christ must be advocates for justice in the world. We have been working together with a predominantly Caucasian church — St. Andrew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Perkasie — adhering to the Word of God to bring about justice in the communities we serve. In Amos 5:24 we see these words:

“Instead, I want to see a mighty flood of justice, an endless river of righteous living.”

This scripture warns of the coming judgment from the Lord because He is not pleased with the pretentious hypocrisy of their religious festivals, nor would He accept their burnt offerings. He tells them to turn away from the noisy hymns of praise. What the Lord really wants is for them to bring about justice, show love and mercy, and for them to walk humbly with God. He wants
them to live lives that are pleasing unto Him and to be concerned about people. When you get a chance, read this entire chapter. God is pleased with us when we strive to seek justice for His people; countless numbers of people are depending on us.