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As this year winds down it is a good time to repent from all of our wrong doings.  All of us have areas in our lives that we need God to forgive us.  In these past twelve months, we have fallen short in ways too numerous to verbalize.  However, in these past twelve months, there are things we have said and done that we need to ask God to forgive us as we seek His repentance.  This past Sunday we observed Reconciliation Sunday, which provided us another opportunity to come before God and ask forgiveness.  I hope that you will find an opportunity this month to go before God, and confess and ask for His mercy. Do not begin the New Year carrying grudges and ill will.  The songwriter wrote the lyrics: “Get right with God and do it now; get right with God and He will show you how”.  This word repentance is crucial to our relationship with God.  In Matthew 3:2, we find these words:

 “Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.”

This word repentance implies a radical change in mind. It looks to the past in honesty and remorse, and then in a right about-face it looks to the future in resolve to a new way of life.  Here Mathew the Gospel writer is writing about preparing for the royal road.  Matthew seem to have seen in John the Baptist not only a man like Elijah but there was a voice crying in the wilderness that these two men were in the spirit and both were sent to prepare the way of the Lord.  In every age, we need the prophet of the Lord to speak so we might indeed prepare for the coming of the Lord.  This devotion seeks to prepare us for the coming of the Lord that our house might be in order, that our lives might be in order, and our hearts might be opened that there may be a new way of living as a result of our repenting.  It is time; do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today.  Do it now for tomorrow is not promised.  Right where you are, as you conclude reading this devotion, ask God to forgive you and confess to Him the need to be forgiven.