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Here we are on Sunday, January 24th. Just a few days ago, resolutions were made regarding what we were going to do for Christ. We began the New Year committing to God our desire to live for Him. Our commitments have not always been fulfilled. If we are honest, some of us have sinned, slipped, and fell already in this New Year. But you can repent and ask God for forgiveness and allow Him to, not only forgive you but to give you a clean and fresh start. It is never too late! On this day, ask God to take away your sins. Do not go another day weighed down in sin. Confess your faults to the Lord and ask Him for your divine forgiveness and to live life full and free. You can be set free: whom God sets free is free indeed. Acts 3:19 is our scriptural reference today.

“Now repent of your sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away.”

In this passage of scripture, Jesus speaks of the need to repent. He never minimized sin or repentance. He proclaimed boldly that a new order was at hand. He was bringing more than judgement, but mercy. His preaching and teaching were about the need to repent. He knew that the time of repentance had come. He urged the people to repent of their sins and believe the good news. It is my prayer, that you have repented of your sins and you have received the mercy of God. If for some reason, you have not yet repented, you can do it today. The songwriter said, “Get right with God and do it now.” Now is the time for all of us to come before God and ask for forgiveness of our sins.