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Today’s devotion consists of one word Humility. This one word is something all believers should display. In far too many cases, humility is missing. I believe that there are those who believe that when one is humble, it is a sign of weakness. This is far from the truth. Humility is a virtue that expresses our reverence to God and takes a great deal of faith to display. One must be humble and know that God will exalt the humble. Nothing good comes from being proud and arrogant, for it will cause self-destruction and tarnish your witness. We must work at being humble. To be honest, compliments can go to your head. Therefore, we must recognize that all we have comes from God, and we have no reason to exalt ourselves, but to exalt Him. Our biblical scripture today is found in I Peter 5:6 and reads in this manner:

 “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:”

In this epistle, we read of the need to be humble unto God knowing that the devil takes great delight in those who exalt themselves.  God’s hand is mighty and He has the power to exalt you when you remain humble. Humility is the evidence of the grace of God. The apostle places humility at the top of the list. In no way does humility degrade oneself, the humble person does not think lower of himself than he ought to think. Real humility is the highest virtue one can achieve. Read all of chapter five at your next chance. Know that God will bless you when you remain humble. Nothing is gained by placing yourself ahead of God. But, let all you do, be done with humility, love and gratitude. Your life will be blessed, the lives of others will be blessed, and God will be pleased