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The Bible, God’s Holy Word, gives us a crystal-clear blueprint of How To Have A Blessed Life. We must follow God’s instructions if our lives are to be blessed. I would argue strongly that far too many of us ignore God’s instructions and seek to create happiness. We cannot push or elbow our way in order into creating a blessed life. Nor can we allow the enemy, Satan, to cause us to become arrogant, mean-spirited, jealous or envious. We will fail every time. We must simply walk humbly before God. James gives us a clear and concise message on how to live a meaningful life and have our lives blessed by God. James writes these words in James 4:10:

 “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up in honor.”

As we examine these words, James goes to great lengths in this chapter to speak of the need to submit yourself before God and to resist the devil. James knows the importance of humility. In this chapter, he warns about living outside of God. In addition, James affirms what it means to trust God and live with humility, knowing that God will bless those who are humble. Blessings do not always come materially. One can have all the material blessings in life and still not live fulfilled lives. When you get a chance read this entire chapter. Then, seek to live a life of humility, knowing that in due time, God’s blessings will come your way.