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As I write this devotion, I wish I could say that all the news we will receive will be good. In reality, all of us will receive bad news at one time or another. The Word of God clearly states that in this life we will have trials and troubles. Bad news will happen. Sometimes it comes when we least expect it. How we deal with it is critical to our well-being. How we handle bad news is important, for it can either break us or, in some cases, make us. We do not have to fall apart when we get bad news. We can simply turn our hearts to God. Today’s devotion gives us some answers for handling bad news and is found in Psalm 112:4.

“Light shines in the darkness for the godly. They are generous, compassionate, and righteous.”

In this deep passage, the psalmist is aware of God’s blessings. He acknowledges that the Lord is gracious, merciful and righteous. When we turn to Him, we will find the strength we need when we need it. Throughout this chapter, he shares the secret that the righteous shall never be moved. In the first verse, he writes, “Praise the LORD! How joyful are those who fear the LORD and delight in obeying his commands.” The psalmist is confident and unafraid of evil whenever it appears. Throughout this psalm, guidance is given to those who are troubled. They can trust in God knowing that He never fails. One who puts their faith in God shall not be afraid. Right here in this psalm, we read the answer for handling bad news. Trusting and believing that God is able, we know that the righteous are blessed, as we trust Him. Prayerfully today, you have discovered the richness of God’s mercy. When trouble comes, you are able to handle it. Do not fall apart or throw up your hands in fear. Look to the Lord, who is your strength, helper and keeper. Thanks be unto God that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.