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This has been a hard year! We have had to deal with tough times. We have been faced with making critical decisions. If there is one lesson we have learned, it is how to cope in difficult times. How have you handled hard times? Have you fallen apart? Have you given up on God? Has your faith increased? What happens when someone asks you how you handle hard times? Perhaps, they have seen you and wondered how you dealt with the troubles of this year. How will you answer? For that matter, how are you handling hard times right now? Luke 4:1 focuses on that very thing.

“Then Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan River. He was led by the Spirit in the wilderness.”

Luke records the temptation of Jesus in this passage. Notice that Jesus is filled with the Holy Ghost and is fully prepared to handle the temptation that will come His way. He went into the wilderness to pray, to fortify and strengthen Himself so that when the devil tempted Him, He was prepared. He was able to handle the temptations set before Him. Jesus did not waver in His deep and abiding commitment to His Heavenly Father. The times spent in the wilderness prepared Him for what was ahead. He would face hard times and He was adequate in meeting them. When you can, read the whole story. To successfully face hard times, we need to stay close to God. We must fortify ourselves with prayer, fasting and meditation. Seek the Holy Spirit so we can remain strong. When Satan or other worldly troubles arise, be prepared to pass the test, because the Lord’s hand has strengthened us. Do not wait until hard times come. Instead, develop a deeper relationship with God, knowing that His grace is sufficient to meet your every need. Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that whatever we are going through will pass and we will be victorious because the Lord is on our side.