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Honoring Our Mothers

As we observe Mother’s Day, we give Almighty God thanks for the gift of mothers. Mothers are truly a blessing from God: they provide wisdom, knowledge, and instructions. Unfortunately, many of us fail to listen to our mother’s instructions. Let me be honest and say that, as a child, there were times when I disobeyed my mother’s instructions, only to find later that she was right. Today’s devotion speaks clearly about honoring our mothers. In Proverbs 1:8, we find these words:

“ My child…Don’t neglect your mother’s instruction.”

The writer of this book of wisdom goes to great lengths to speak about a mother’s wisdom as well as the need to follow her instructions. Throughout this book of Proverbs, he speaks from his heart about the love for mothers. He started the first chapter saying that we should never ignore our mothers’ teachings. He ends this book by saying that we should “reward her for all she has done” (Proverbs 31:31). This last chapter  speaks about the virtuous woman and how children will rise up and call her blessed (verse 28). It is my prayer today that we will honor our mothers, not just today, but every day. If your mother has gone home to glory, then thank God for the love that she shared.  Always remember her instructions and follow them.